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Photo Restoration

Maintain the Memories


We want to preserve the past and maintain memories.

Your memories are as precious as our own -

We have a passion for preservation, join us in saving history!


Are Your Paper Photographs Fading?

Save your photos to digital images, easier now than ever before.

We can restore faded, damaged or torn photographs to good as new.

I Always Wished Those Black in White Pictures Were In Color . . .

Oh wait, they can be!





When Mom and Dad Split-up, a Lot of Pictures Got Torn

Have both pieces?  Fixed!  Have half? 
 Let's recreate the shoot,  one person short.


Restore Your Glory

My old football pictures, I used to race motocross, my old Chevy was so cherry . . .

Posters? Oh, yeah!!

Turn old sports photos into posters, the kids will think you were famous ;)


Desert Image Collection Photography can restore your old and tattered photos of your family's history. With the tools of today we can take apart an old scanned photo and put it back together and even color it, Then can be reprint at a pro print lab and pass to the next generation 

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