Painting with light!

Can do this with hot rods, motorcycles, landscapes, airplanes almost anything... 


One form of night photography is a style that involves making one very long exposure of the entire scene for about a minute, all the while panning the hand held light left, right, up, and down in order to cover as much of the area as needed. The point is not to see the light source, but only "Paint" light on to the overall scene and surfaces. This tends to give the photograph a sort of "Art Photo Look."


"Painting With Light". In this style I like to literally take a light source and paint light onto a smaller surface or a portion of the scene, not the whole scene, in order to light up that section of the photograph. By creating multiple separate exposures, and painting different portions of the scene each time you expose a frame, you are able to control your lighting to an incredible degree. Selected portions of the scene using multiple shorter exposures, Recombine all or some of the images I captured on location back into a single amazing photograph.

Triumph 15 photos combined


Heavy Metal One 35 photos combined